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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Secret Garden (August Meeting)

This month we are talking about our babies bedrooms and their belongings. There are a few questions all with in the same topic and because all of our stories differ some questions may not apply to you. If you would like you can just write about your experience or you can answer the questions individually. Of course you do not have to answer them all they are just simply there for you to share your experience so please just answer what you feel comfortable with.

If you created a bedroom for your baby tell us what it was like.

It is a beautiful spacious room really close to ours, it is on the second floor and when you look out the window, all you can see is trees.

Did you have it ready for them before they were born?

I wish we did have it ready. I feel bad for not having it ready, but in order to do that we had to move a couple of rooms around. The office was supposed to move downstairs and the guest bedroom (Jasper’s room) was moving into the office. We were working on getting all of the baby stuff we were going to need and move the rooms around after he was born. We wanted him to stay close to us for the first few months anyway so it was perfectly fine for us.

If so, how did you cope coming home to it without your baby?

It was pure agony. I was only 25 weeks into the pregnancy when I had Jasper and after having three miscarriages I was afraid to start buying stuff earlier on. When we found out at our 19-week ultrasound that we our baby was a boy I could not help it I started buying some things for him, well mostly clothes. When I finally got the nerve to step into his room; I just laid on the guest bed and cried for hours.

Did you pack it all away?

Just some of the smaller things like bottles, and diapers.

What is your baby's room now?

It is still the guest room that has Jasper’s ashes, all of his clothes, his birth and death certificate, my pregnancy memory box, and hopefully I will have Jasper’s urn very soon.

If you are trying to conceive again, or are pregnant, again how do you feel about setting up another room before your baby is born?

I will always fear setting up a baby’s room before he/she is born. Next time I think it will work out the same way. We will buy all his/her stuff, next time I will not buy stuff until I pass 30 weeks and will set up the room after he/she is born.



  1. Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Jasper. One of my triplet angels is also Jasper (20 Aug 06 - 16 Oct 06), and so when I saw his name here on this beautiful blog my heart jumped. It has been three years since my babies lived and died - today is the third anniversary of my baby Evan (20 Aug 06 - 29 Aug 06).
    I wanted you to know that time does not separate you from your little boy Jasper - the love lasts forever and ever. x

  2. Thank you for sharing Lisa...Maybe i'll jump on the secret garden train. I think about doing it, just never do. *hugs* to you, friend.

  3. Thank you for sharing and writing here- I think of the window and the view from it- Hope it brings you some peace and that one day a new babe will come to live with you in your home.

  4. From what I have been reading it doesn't seem to matter if the room is done or not because the room is their room regardless which makes it difficult to go into to. ((HUGS))

  5. I totally understand your need to wait until after you feel you have crossed the safe point in your pregnancy. It's hard not to feel like jinxing something is possible. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you and Jasper. (((hugs)))

  7. What a wonderful place for a nursery...with a window to see all the trees! My hope for you is that one day there will be another baby in that room to enjoy it.

  8. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I listed your blog as one of the winners of the Honest Scrap Award on my last blog for your honesty and truthful writing. Stop by and check it out.