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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My answer to question #3

First, I would like to say Thank you to Sarita for asking me a question. I’m sorry I forgot to thank you in the post that I answered your question in.

Holly from Caring for Carleigh asked me:
“Do you and your hubby have any big plans for this next year?”
The only big plans that I have absolutely made so far is to take a road trip up to Chicago to see my family. The only other plans that I do have is to hopefully get pregnant and bring home a live and healthy baby, but I guess that is more of a goal. I almost forgot I do have another plan and that is to start cosmetology school. I did plan on starting this year, but I was too late for the class and it was already full.

Thank you, Holly for asking me a question.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My answer to question #2

I didn’t forget to answer the rest of the questions. I guess I’m just hoping that the longer I stall then maybe I will get more questions to answer. If you would still like to ask me a question you still can. You can put you question in the comment section below.

Sarita from One Perfect Rose asked me:

“Has Jasper sent you any signs? I know some people see butterflies, ladybugs, etc, that remind them of their babies. Some people find pennies that they believe are sent by their loved ones.”
Yes, I did get what I believe on some kind of level to be a sign from Jasper. I’m sure everyone or most of you know that I am an Atheist and don’t believe in spirits or an afterlife, but I did have a very interesting experience with a cardinal that makes me want to believe it was Jasper stopping by to say hello to his mommy.
It was not too soon after I started going back to work after my 6 weeks of leave to recover from my C-section. On this day I got to work early so I decided to sit in my car and read until it was time to go in. As I was reading I noticed some movement right in front of me and looked up to see a female Cardinal standing on my windshield wiper and just looking at me. I kept watching her and all of a sudden she was pecking at my window and I just let her do it. I didn’t have the heart to make her go away and it wasn’t like she was hurting the window or in danger of breaking it. This continued for a couple of minutes and then she just flew off. I was just so happy for the rest of that day. You can read the original post I made about it here.
I know there are probably a dozen logical explanations as to why she was pecking at my windshield. A heart believes what it wants to believe and I want to believe that it was my Jasper coming to say “Hi, Mommy.”

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My answer to question #1

I will be answering each question one by one in separate posts. If you still want to ask me a question please feel free to ask away. You can post your question in the comment section of this post or on the original post here.

Sarah from My thoughts, my world asked me:

“Hey Sweetie I hope this question doesn’t make you upset or anything, though its one that I seem to ask a lot of baby lost mum's

If you could say one thing to another angel mum to help ease their pain what would if be and why?”

Sarah, I first wanted to say that this question did not upset me at all. This is a really good question and has left me thinking for days.

After days of thinking about this and thinking about what I would want said to me. I don’t think there is any one thing you can say to a baby lost mom to help ease their pain. The only thing that makes sense and that comes to mind is “I’m sorry for your loss” and “You are not alone.”

After losing Jasper I have known two people that I worked with that have lost a baby later in pregnancy and both of them where very different then most of the other baby lost mothers I have ever met. These women were very personal in their tragedy and didn’t want to talk about their babies or the grief they felt so I respected that. I just let them know if they ever needed to talk I was there to listen whenever they needed.

Thank you Sarah for asking me a question.