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Monday, April 13, 2009

Jasper's birth story

I wanted to start this blog with the story of my pregnancy with Jasper, but I just started writing the story and it is very hard to write so I have to keep stopping. So, I will be starting this blog with Jasper’s birth story since I pretty much already have it written down already.

I was admitted into the hospital on Feb 26, 2009 after I had a routine exam at my Hematologists office. According to the blood work I had done there my platelet levels were low and on top of my blood pressure being slightly high it was 130’s over the high 80’s and normally it is 90’s over 60’s so he was very concerned and sent me to the hospital to be evaluated overnight. That first night seemed to last forever, I didn’t get any sleep at all. During the next day my high risk doctor came in and was explaining to us why I was admitted to the hospital and he told me the reason is that I had Pre-eclampsia. I knew what pre-e was I just didn’t know it was so serious. He then told me I would not be leaving the hospital until after I give birth and I freaked seeing that I was only 24 weeks pregnant at the time and that would mean being in there for around 15 weeks. I asked him if there was any way I can get to go home and he told me that all my labs would have to be normal, including my blood pressure so that is what I hoped for everyday. A few days later it seemed like everything was stabilizing and I would get to go home, but on March 4th everything took a turn for the worse.

Very early in the morning one of my many doctors came in to do my ultrasound to see if Jasper is growing and the results were horrible my little guy only grew 2oz in 2 weeks. I was so upset over this I could hardly eat breakfast, but I did I was hoping that if I stuffed my face then he would grow. Shortly after I ate I started getting chest pain, I didn’t think anything of it because I was diagnosed weeks before with Costochondritis which is inflammation of the chest wall due to stress and I thought with the results of the ultrasound it was coming back. It was starting to get pretty annoying so I called the nurse and asked for something for the pain. Well, she ended up taking my blood pressure and it was high 160’s over 90’s and ended up getting the doctor to find out why I was having this pain. I ended up getting an EKG, and some medicine to help with gastritis, but the EKG was normal and the medicine didn’t help at all. They kept asking me all these questions. Where is the pain? Is the pain on the upper right side? Do you have a headache? Are you seeing spots? All questions that are related to severe Pre-e. I was getting really scared they kept talking about an emergency c-section to save my life. They kept asking me those questions and it came to a point where I couldn’t think any more and I started think that the pain was on the upper right side. I was so disoriented with fear I don’t even know if in fact the pain was on the upper right side, which means the liver is very swollen and I could die if it bursts. I ended up saying it was O.K. to do the c-section out of pure fear.

They started prepping me for surgery right away. They started giving me a medicine called Mag through I.V. right away; it is supposed to prevent seizures. Then I was taken to the operating room where my husband was not allowed in because I had to go under general anesthesia because I took my lovenox injection (a blood thinner) that morning. I was so afraid and not for me, but mostly for Jasper it was way too soon for him to be born and they kept telling me that it would be worse if I died. I kept saying things like what if I was wrong about the pain? What if it is not my liver? They just said what if you weren’t and things get worse? If we wait until later we and something is severe we might not be able to save you. The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room and asking about my baby.

Jasper's first photo:

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