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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My answer to question #2

I didn’t forget to answer the rest of the questions. I guess I’m just hoping that the longer I stall then maybe I will get more questions to answer. If you would still like to ask me a question you still can. You can put you question in the comment section below.

Sarita from One Perfect Rose asked me:

“Has Jasper sent you any signs? I know some people see butterflies, ladybugs, etc, that remind them of their babies. Some people find pennies that they believe are sent by their loved ones.”
Yes, I did get what I believe on some kind of level to be a sign from Jasper. I’m sure everyone or most of you know that I am an Atheist and don’t believe in spirits or an afterlife, but I did have a very interesting experience with a cardinal that makes me want to believe it was Jasper stopping by to say hello to his mommy.
It was not too soon after I started going back to work after my 6 weeks of leave to recover from my C-section. On this day I got to work early so I decided to sit in my car and read until it was time to go in. As I was reading I noticed some movement right in front of me and looked up to see a female Cardinal standing on my windshield wiper and just looking at me. I kept watching her and all of a sudden she was pecking at my window and I just let her do it. I didn’t have the heart to make her go away and it wasn’t like she was hurting the window or in danger of breaking it. This continued for a couple of minutes and then she just flew off. I was just so happy for the rest of that day. You can read the original post I made about it here.
I know there are probably a dozen logical explanations as to why she was pecking at my windshield. A heart believes what it wants to believe and I want to believe that it was my Jasper coming to say “Hi, Mommy.”


  1. What a beautiful story! I have never heard of a bird landing on a car and pecking and I grew up in the country where there were lots of birds. Thanks for sharing - sending hugs and love to you!

  2. I don't know if they send us signs but that sure would be nice if they really could!

  3. I think that is wonderful sign from Jasper, a simple hello mommy. I love it!