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Friday, November 27, 2009


I want to thank everyone for asking me questions. I really enjoyed doing this and hope to do it again sometime. Hopefully, one time getting Jonathan to answer some. I'm sure he will.

Anonymous asked
What made you choose the name Jasper Thomas?

Well, I have to be honest about the fact that I was reading the Twilight series at the time so part of it had to do with that, but I put alot of thought in what I would name my son or daughter. When we chose the name it was before we found out we where having a boy. I knew I didn't want to give him a common name I wanted it to be something special that 1,000's of other people have. I did some research and found out that Jasper was last common in the mid to late 1800's and that just about a few hundred people in the world right now is named Jasper. Thomas we got because Jonathan's dad my father in law is named Thomas and also my brother is named Thomas so it was a double plus. My father in law wanted to have a grandchild so bad and I just feel so terrible that I never had a chance to give him that and he passed away in Oct, 2007 so I thought it was fitting. If one day we get to have another son I will still give him the middle name Thomas for his Grandpa, his uncle, and for his big brother.

Bree asked
You and your hubby have been together almost as long as me and my hubby (14 years). We met in high school. Where did you two meet? What took you guys so long to get married? In our case, we were just young and waiting until we finished college. Sometimes I wish we would have started trying to have kids sooner. Heck, I'm gonna be 30 in two months. Also, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

We met on May 5, 1996. Earlier in the day my best friend at the time Lesely where leaving to go do something and when she realized she left something in the house she ran in to get it. When she came out she told me her ex-boyfriend called (not Jonathan) and wanted to come over later that night to catch up. She wanted me to meet him so I said I would be there. Anyway, Later that night we waited and waited when I decided to go home. I was about to walk out the door when her phone rang and it was him and said he would be there in less then 5 minutes. She begged me to wait so I did. He showed up and brought a friend and that friend is now my husband, but it was so funny how it all happened. You know Jonathan never even said one thing to me that night it wasn't til two days later that me and Les went to her ex's house and while they where doing "stuff" in another room Jonathan and I bonded while watching her baby. That's when he asked me out.

It took us so long to get married for several different reasons. We where so young. We didn't feel the need to rush into anything. We wanted to make sure that we could live together before getting married. We where also pretty scared, we broth grew up with divorced parents so we wanted to be absolutely sure. I wish we would have really tried to have a baby sooner as well, for the 14 years we have been together it's not like we played it safe the whole time though. When we where together for I think it was 4 or 5 years I went to get my annual done and I was concerned that we never got pregnant yet. We went over everthing and he said that I should go on Birth control for a while to regulate my periods. I was hesitant, but I did. He did tell me that I would get pregnant faster when I came off of them LOL! What a crock of S*#t. I have been off of them for 9 years. We "officially" stared ttc in Sept 2005 that is when I started temping, ovulation tests, pretty much the works. I was 27 when we started and now I'm 32. I thought for sure I would at least of had two babies by the time I was 30; was I ever wrong.

I would love to travel all over. first, starting in Greenland to Iceland, then going to the United Kingdom, from there going to Europe (all over), especially France, Italy, Then to Australia I would love to walk on Christian's beach.

Franchesca Cox asked
If you could be any place right now, where would it be? What things remind you of Jasper?

I really would like to be back in Chicago for good. I miss it there, it is where all my family is and I miss them so much. After losing Jasper it pains me to be away from my neice's and nephew's like I have missed out on being apart of their life and I will never get that back.

So many things remind me of Jasper. The ones nearest and dearest to my heart is His teddy bear, Butterflies, and Cardinals. I often get reminded of Jasper when I eat something like at this place called Charley's I would eat a chicken philly and while I would be eating it Jasper would kick so much I knew he loved what I was eating, or when I would listen to the Twilight soundtrack to and from work he would start moving around. Also, how he would start moving around the second I would fall asleep and wake me up. I miss that feeling of him alive and safe so much.

Mommato2miracles asked
I know this is so personal and i haven't been able to read your blog lately as my son has had MORE health issues (he is the one that I had SEVERE HELLP with) anyways what have you decided about the future and trying again to conceive? What research have you found about HELLP that leads you to those decisions? I am starting to think about a baby again, but it is so terrifying to think of, and to remember how sick I was, and how we both almost died, and how now my son has all these health issues. Just wondering what you are thinking about the future

Oh boy, have I ever thought about this. We are currently trying again because of my age we don't want to wait too long because it did take us 3 years to get Jasper, but I'm scared shitless. My experience with Pre-e and HELLP was touch and go. I did develop it early and was admitted to the hospital a week before I had my emergency c-section. During that week my B/P was up and down (mostly up), my labs where all over the place Liver enzymes going up and down, Platlet counts doing the same as well was the protein in my urine. When the pain started in my abdomen I didn't know what I should do because I had the pain before since about 17 weeks my pains started and all my levels where normal then so I was afraid that it was something like my gallbladder having attacks. Well, when the pain started my B/P was low, liver enzymes slightly elevated, and platlet counts where pretty close to normal, but the doctors where so afraid they kept telling me I could die so I agreed to the emergency c-section out of pure fear. The research I have done lead me to believe that there is a huge possibility of this happening again, but most likely occur later in the pregnancy. There is also a decent chance that it won't happen again at all. I wish you luck in what ever you decide. It is a hard choice.


  1. I missed this, but what a great idea. Nice to get to know you a bit more personally. *hugs*

  2. I enjoyed reading more about you. I remember my Jenna used to kick me too as I was going to bed. I miss it too so bad. Wishing your sweet Jasper was here with you.


  3. From my experience your research is absolutely correct. With Sam it happened earlier than with Sophia. I was much sicker with him, and with her it was much smoother. With Sam I got really bad really fast, and with Sophia they watched for four days before they decided to do the c-section, of course that morning my liver enzymes were rising quickly.
    It is such a tough call. I feel blessed to have my two, but also feel that I am not done. I think if I had been as ill with Sophia as I had been with Sam, then I 100% wouldn't want to do it again. But since everything was so much smoother it is hard not to want to have one more.
    Good luck to you! I was petrified too when I got pregnant the third time (my first did not survive). The doctors were on me like white on rice and kept such close tabs on me, I felt like they weren't going to allow me to get that sick again, but I didn't know when the HELLP would set in again, so I was always anxious about viability of the baby, and another NICU stay, etc etc.
    Love and prayers!!!

  4. Just wanted to say quick and then I'll go back and read the post...but I'm bummed I missed this! I wasn't around much this week or I totally would've asked some questions! Next time I'll try to catch it!

  5. I definitely like less common names and I really like Jasper. You picked a great name for your little boy. :)