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Monday, July 27, 2009

A bit off topic and a prayer request

I wanted to go a bit off topic and tell you something that I am so proud of. As of this month I have been smoke free for 9 years. Wow! It seems like yesterday I quite smoking. I quit for the benefit of my future children. I knew I didn't want to smoke when I got pregnant.

I also wanted to ask you guys to please pray for a women who had a really bad day today. I really don't know anything about her. It was just this morning a Preacher could not figure out how to get into the OB section of the hospital I work at and he mentioned that he had to get in there because of a women having a still born. It took everything in my power not to start crying for her then and there and rush in and comfort her, but I couldn't because of all the privacy laws. I don't know her name or anything. I just thought she would need some prayers from women who have lived and survived this horrible trauma of losing a child.


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