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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I feel like i'm going to get sick.....

to my stomach with anger. I have been doing some research and this nightmare is starting to look like DR. error. I got my pathology report from Jasper's placenta and everything was normal except for one thing it appears that I had a large subchorionic hemmorage. Which means I had a blood clot in the placenta.
I was diagnosed with Factor V Lieden a blood clotting disorder after having my 3rd miscarriage and that meant that I would have to be on Lovenox during the duration of my pregnancy. For the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy everything was going great Jasper was measuring only few days behind so really nothing to worry about. At my 18th week ultrasound Jasper was measuring 1 week behind so my high risk doctor said we did not need to worry about it yet, and I believed her. By my 22 week utlrasound Jasper was measuring 2 weeks behind. I was also seeing a hematologist that specializes in pregnancy and he kept reassuring me that I did not have to increase my lovenox dosage. I was alway told that I would need double my dose about the 2nd half of the pregnancy. He said I didn't need to based on my weight which I didn't understand because I gained 30 pounds by the time I hit 20 weeks. I know in my heart that my dose should have doubled.
According to the research I have been doing is that the subchorionic hemmorage depending on the size can cause IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction) which makes me think because my dose wasn't doubled with the growing placenta, and mama caused Jasper to grow very slowly. Also, some of the research I read stated that taking the proper dosage of Lovenox could possibly have prevented pre-eclampsia.
Another thing about all of this that is really upsetting me is that I had an ultrasound every two weeks by my OB and high risk doctor and this large subchorionic hemmorage was not found and I know they looked the placenta.
My wonderful Jonathan has talked to a lawyer and he said that here in Florida that Dr.s are so well protected against malpractice that we will never find a lawyer to take our case. I honestly don't know how I can ever let this go.



  1. I am so sorry for the hell you are enduring. It's bad enough that you lost your precious baby. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with shady doctors. It does feel like they will never admit fault or give you a straight answer, so you havee to put all the pieces together yourself. We've had the malpractice conversation at our support group many times and it seems that most cases are unsucessful and the process can take years. Hopefully, you'll find a better doctor that you trust so that when you're ready to try again, you feel more confident in the process. Love to you!

  2. aww hu i am so sorry, i felt like that when i lost bryce it was te hospitals fault i wanted to take action agaist them though dnaiel said it would hurt me even more re living the day over and over again,
    Though i do know where you are coming form and if you truely belive that you need to do this then go and head and do it hun,