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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Once apon a time...

In a time that seemed a long time ago. There was a young girl named Lisa. She was just like every other girl who planned her wedding, and dreamed of having a family of her own. She had lots of baby dolls to pretend with and she loved to play with them. She spent lots of time feeding them, changing their clothes, and changing their diapers.
Eventually, that young girl grew up and met her prince charming named Jonathan.
Jonathan and Lisa where engaged for seven years before they got married on Nov 11, 2003. In Sept of 2005 Jonathan and Lisa decided they where going to get serious about starting a family of their very own so Lisa started taking her temperature every morning, checking her cervical mucous, and doing Ovulation prediction tests. Finally, after one year and three months Lisa saw her first positive pregnancy test. Seeing those two lines was the happiest moment because she knew her family was about to begin. Sadly, all her dreams came to a screeching halt on Feb 1, 2007 when she lost their first baby. They did not give up they kept trying to get the family they wanted, but sadly they miscarried their next two babies as well.
Jonathan and Lisa kept trying for that family that they wanted. They went to special doctors, started taking medicine, and Lisa under went alot of tests to see why they where not getting the family they where trying for.
On Sept 30, 2008 Lisa found out she was pregnant once again, but she did not get her hopes up. She thought for sure she will miscarry this baby as well. Much to her surprise the pregnancy tests kept getting darker as was the blood tests that kept doubling like they where supposed to and that has never happened before. Jonathan and Lisa got their hopes up and waited until Oct 20, 2008 to finally see their baby's heart beat for the first time and it was the most beautiful site. Many things happened that scared Jonathan and Lisa during the pregnancy, but everything seemed to be going OK. That was until Feb 26, 2009 when Lisa went for a routine check up with my Hematologist Jonathan and Lisa was told that she needed to get to the hospital to be admitted for observation because her Liver Enzymes where high and Platelet counts where low. They went straight to the hospital where in 24 hours Lisa was diagnosed with mild Pre-eclampsia and need to stay in the hospital until birth for observation. Jonathan and Lisa didn't realize that it would only be a week before their son was born at six and a half months because Lisa developed severe Pre-eclampsia at that point along with HELLP syndrome. Their son only lived for 36 hours he was to small to survive out of his mommy's belly.
Jonathan and Lisa are still waiting for their happy ending.

I wish I could go into the past and tell that little girl that what she was dreaming of is only a fairy tale.


  1. I dont even know what to say. Im sorry, or words of encouragement just don't seem like enough. Sending hugs.

  2. These things are things you never dream of. They are nightmares.