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Monday, March 1, 2010

My first blog giveaway

I really wanted to do this as a 100th post type thing, but I couldn't wait. So, I'm doing this because I have reached over 50 followers. When I started this blog I never thought that I would have so many people reading about Jasper's story and it was never my intention when I started this blog. I do want to say that I appreciate every single one of you for reading my story and helping me through my grief it means the world to me.

So getting to the point the giveaway. It is open to all baby lost mommy's and daddy's, if you follow my blog or not. So here it is: It is a collectable case frame.

Of course, the one I have for this giveaway has nothing on it. I just wanted to show off what I did with mine.

So, what I would like to know is three things animals, words, pretty much anything that remind you of your angel babie(s). I will be using those three things to get some stickers for the frame, not including the letters for your angels name(s). So leave me a comment on this post to enter.
I will be keeping this giveaway open until Monday March 8th.


  1. Wow that frame looks really cute. What a great idea.
    The main things that remind me of my boys is Elephants for Eli and Giraffe's for Jett. I picked these animals for them as soon as i found out that i was pregnant because was going to do their room in an african safari theme. I had also picked colours for them because i was terrified of mixing them up so i thought if i always dressed them in their own colour i would always be able to tell them apart. lol. i was paranoid. Eli's colour is blue and Jett's is green. Stars always remind me of them too. I have always loved stars but since having them i love stars even more. ok, so theres more then three things but pretty much everything reminds me of them so it is hard to pick 3.

  2. What a great idea Lisa! Butterflies remind me of my MJ. We released 35 butterflies at his funeral service - one for each day that we had him. As we were releasing them, one landed on his twin's face. I truly think that it was MJ saying good bye. The song "Second Chance" also reminds me of MJ. The lyrics say "sometimes goodbye is a second chance" it makes me think that his second chance is in Heaven, pain free and healthy. A third thing that reminds me of MJ is rainbows. At his funeral service, the entrance sign was in the hallway and the funeral staff called my husband and I out to the hallway to see it. It had a huge rainbow across the background, which they said had never happened before. Again, I think it was MJ saying goodbye.

    Thank you Lisa!!

  3. I love the frame! Cowboy stuff and jungle animals remind me of Juanito. My husband is into cowboy things. Juanito's memory box has a picture of a stick horse and cowboy hat burned into the lid. We were going to decorate his nursery in rainforest animals. The last thing are angels. I know he is my guardian angel and he is with me everyday. I miss his so much!!! Today is a hard day. It has been 2 months since we said goodbye. Thank you for doing this giveaway. You are so sweet.

  4. The three things that remind me of Cara are Wings because I was never able to see her open her eyes or hear her cry.

    White teddy bears because she was burried with one.

    And lastly the color soft pink, everything she had ready for her was soft pink

  5. Three things that remind me of Emma and Chase are butterflies, the color blue, and the color pink. I find that there are many things that make me think of them though. The frame is beautiful and I love how you decorated Jasper's!

  6. Three things that remind me of Alexandra are butterflies, Winnie the Pooh and angels. Alexandra was buried with one of the three Pooh bears I received at my shower and she was wearing a Pooh onesie. I love your frame and how you decorated it for Jasper! it's so sweet!

  7. Three things that remind me of Maddison are butterflies, strength and the color pink. you may wonder why strength, it because she fought and fought never wanting to give up.. Today would of been her due date its hard to believe she is gone its only been 3 months.
    hugs and kisses to all angels out there.

    I love the frame you did

  8. What a neat giveaway! Jasper's frame is beautifully done. The things that remind me of Meredith are pink rosebuds(or pink flowers of any kind), the color pink, and Heaven.I miss her so much, and I can only imagine your pain as Jasper's 1st birthday comes up.
    Blessings, Sarita Boyette

  9. What a great idea! Three things that remind me of Gabriel are ladybugs (because his nickname was 'baby goldbug' before he was born), stars (my mom bought me a pair of dark blue pj pants with stars on them and I wore those for a solid month straight) and clouds (because every year I take a photo of the sky on his angel day) Thanks so much for doing this! peace- emily (from Stepping Stones blog) nickwilberg at hotmail.com

  10. What a wonderful idea...The things that remind me of Simon and Alexander are the colors yellow and purple for the yellow and purple flowers that were everywhere when they died, and the near death experiences I had when I lost them, both times I found myself in a golden field with my babies who had beautiful purple auras. Also, golden butterflies and hummingbirds really remind me of them because they were so abundant after they died, Also, My husband has a really strong connection to the platypus because it was the name of the album he was recording when we lost our babies, and we bought a little platypus on Easter before they died in utero for them, and when we found out we had twins there was something about the platypus being more than one animal...it really amazed us. Thanks so much for doing this...sara.clement1015@gmail.com blogger at Reflections of a Butterfly

  11. Lisa, this is SO THOUGHTFUL!!! For me, Sophias spirit always presents itself to me with yellow butterflies (always 2 and I swear its her and my Grandma) and birds... the weird thing is that its never the same kind of bird, but they are always small and have a much higher pitch in their tweets... I dont know, maybe I am nuts, but when we went to North Carolina after she passed, the same little bird came to see us EVERYDAY (I even have photos!)and when I visit the beach or am sad thinking of her, I see a little bird... I always feel its her! *HUGS!* Best of luck to everyone!!!

  12. Love it Lisa!! the three things that remind me of my girls are hummingbirds, pink, and angels or wings. Thanks for doing this giveaway!! xx

  13. beautiful! three things that remind me of xavier are God's amazing grace (throughout my pregnancy 'grace' was constantly on my mind), brown teddy bears, and flowering vines or ivy.
    by the way, thank you for all you do. you are a very special woman and a beautiful mother!

  14. A truly lovely frame and lovely of u to think of others the way u do!