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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation to Daytona Beach

Memorial Day weekend Jonathan and I went on a little vacation to Daytona Beach. It was the first time we were able to get away since I found out that I was pregnant in September. It was a very nice weekend everything that I hoped for. We left home on Saturday at about noon. We got to Daytona at around 3:30 checked into the hotel and went straight to the beach. There was hardly anyone on the beach that day because it was gloomy out and very windy so the waves were quite large. We walked about 2 miles on the street so I could shop until we hit downtown Daytona beach. Then we walked back to the hotel for the night. Walking on the beach at night was so peaceful and relaxing. Sunday the sun came out and so did everyone else. We walked back to the downtown area again on Sunday. It was hard and sad to be there because their where so many people there with babies. Watching the babies reactions when they were first introduced to the ocean made me wonder what would have Jasper done? Would he be just like his mama and be petrified of the ocean or like his dada and want to go in deeper. Watching parents and their kids making sand castles. Parents chasing their kids. It was hard for me to see. I wished I was them. I wished I still had Jasper. Overall, we had a wonderful time. It was a chance to just get away for a couple of days and we did manage to have a lot of fun.


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