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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Third trimester craziness

Before I post Samuel's birth story I want to post a little more about my third trimester. Looking back on it now I would say that it wasn't all that bad, but I would be lying. Starting at around 30 weeks it all started. I was in L&D pretty much every two weeks for something. The first time was for some spotting which turned out to be nothing. The second time was for Samuel not passing his kick count. The third time was on Christmas night. I was at work and out of nowhere I started to feel very dizzy, lightheaded, and my heart was racing. I took my Blood pressure and it was 115/75 which is high for me. I sat down relaxed and the symptoms just got worse and so did my B/P it was 128/84 or something very close to that. I went down to the ER (I work in the hospital where I had Samuel) and yet again landed myself in L&D. Everything came back normal except my Platelet counts which dropped I can't remember the numbers, but I do remember they where below normal. The next time I landed myself in L&D was the day before I had Samuel. You can read about that when I post my birth story.

Here are a couple of pics from my 3D/4D ultrasound.

I wanted to post the pics from my maternity shoot that I had done on Dec 17th, but for some reason I have not received them yet. Here is a picture that Jonathan took of me two days before I gave birth.

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