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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A rainbow is born

On Monday Jan 16th I went for my NST, Biophysical profile, and OB visit. The Biophysical profile went perfectly. The NST I was having some pretty strong contractions, but not regular which prompted my OB to check my cervix and it was 3cm and 90% effaced. I was told to get my butt straight over to L&D because I was only one day away from being 36 weeks.

Once I got to L&D I was hooked up to the monitor and continued to have irregular contractions some small some were pretty intense. After being there for about 4 hours and all the usual stuff was done IV, lab work, and being put on fluids to stop the contractions the OB checked my cervix again (oh my gosh I thought this guy was going to pull Samuel out the way he was digging up in there) and there was no change. But they decided to admit me overnight to observe Sammy and me because they wanted me to stay off my lovenox just in case I was in active labor and they had to do an emergency c-section. My Platelet counts where also down to 103 and they wanted to give my Brethine (Terb) to stop the contractions and it did for the most part.

At around 9 A.M. on Tuesday the OB came in and told me that he wasn’t comfortable sending me home unless he checked my cervix for any changes and asked if he (not the same one from the previous day) could check, so I said yes and it was 4 cm and still 90% effaced. That was it he made up his mind and said that we were going to have a baby today.

Everything happened so fast and I was scheduled for a noon time for my c-section. I was shaved, prepped and prepared for my spinal, and given that nasty medication. At noon they walked me to the OR my husband had to wait outside while I got my spinal. My poor husband heard me scream when he stuck the needle in for the spinal. When he got into the room everything was all set up and I was on the table. Shortly after I started to feel the pulling and tugging and it was super scary because I can only picture what they where doing because I knew what that was exactly. They told my husband to get his camera ready and at 12:22 we heard him start crying. My husband stood up and took a picture of Samuel coming out of me then they brought him around the curtain so I could see him and it brought tears to my eyes. That was the last thing I remember because the Anesthesiologist gave me something to knock me out. Samuel Thomas was born Jan 17th at 12:22 p.m. weighing 5 pounds 11 ounces and 19 ¼ inches long.

Just born

Going home outfit

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  1. Congratulations over & over again! Samuel is just beautiful & I LOVE his going home outfit. Mailed your gift last Tuesday. xoxo

  2. He's just beautiful. Just beautiful!
    And of course, not one bit biased by his name!
    (Luke is actually Samuel Luke!)

  3. So precious and cute. Congratulations!
    Rainbows are so wonderful.

  4. Welcome to the outside world, sweet Rainbow Samuel.

    x <3 o