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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My answer to question #4

Erin from FF asked me:
“Hi Lisa, I was wondering how you are doing? I lost my subscription to FF and wanted to say hello to you. Erin (otee)”
Erin I’m go glad you are stopping by my blog. I have since answered your question on FF since you reenacted your subscription to FF. I have since put my subscription on hold because it is all just becoming too much for me at this time. It just seems like every time I turn around more and more people on there are getting their BFP’s and I keep getting BFN’s. I know! It is silly or just plain stupid of me to even think something like that because it is in fact a fertility sight. It just gets even harder when I see someone that was in my June 2009 DD group already on their 2nd. Other then that I’m doing fine I’m finally down to my pregnancy weight. It only took 19 months. We are still trying for baby number 2, but I’m definitely not all gung-ho like I was before Jasper. I hope to soon get over myself and take my account off hold because even after just two days I feel like I’m missing so much.

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  1. Sorry this is so delayed. I am just not so good at keeping up on the boards anymore. I understand what you are saying about the FF thing getting you down. I think that is normal and you should keep doing what ever you need to to feel as good as you can. I really hope that another baby will be in your future because it is so apparent what a good mom you are! Take care of yourself! xo, Erin